Mora of Sweden Morakniv Bushcraft Outdoor and Clipper knives

Mora of Sweden genuine outdoor knives:  On this page you will find the Morakniv 311 Forest,  the very popular Outdoor 2000, and a selection of popular Bushcraft series of knives which have become a favorite of the hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.



MORAKNIV  Outdoor 2000: This Mora knife is a favorite of outdoor buffs, hunters and fisherman. It is a high quality knife at an affordable price! It features a profile ground blade of cold-rolled special Sandvik stainless steel and a patterned high-friction grip. (blade length is 115 mm (4 1/2")).  The Outdoor 2000 knife comes with a heavy textured green plastic belt sheath with a flexible leather strap.

$37.50 USD

Quantity:  Morakniv 2000: 

Morakniv Outdoor 2000 green cold rolled stainless steel

Bushcraft Series Knife Model 2010

The Mora Bushcraft 2010  has a 4 1/4"  profile ground blade of Sandvik stainless steel about 7/8" wide and .098" (2.5mm) thick. The profile grind of the blade is the same as is used in the popular "Mora 2000" models. Bushcraft 2010 has a dark hand grip, and a sheath of the same color. The sheath has a flexible strap. The knife and sheath weigh just 5 ounces.

$37.50 each: Mora 2010

Quantity 2010: 


Bushcraft Series Knife "Bushcraft Black" Heavy Duty

The Mora Bushcraft Black Heavy Duty (HD) has a 4.25 inch heavy duty carbon blade with a black Tri-bond coating which protects against corrosion. The blade thickness is 3.2mm (standard Mora knife blades have a thickness of 2.0 to 2.5mm depending on the knife.) Blade length is 109mm and total overall knife length is 232.5mm.

$65.00 each: Bushcraft Black Heavy Duty

Bushcraft Triflex Series Knife Model 2080 with unique Triflex steel blade.

Mora Triflex steel 4.25" blade (Blade length 115 mm, depth 25mm, thickness 2.5mm. 9.25" overall length) Triflex – a type of high carbon steel that is harder, more durable and can handle rougher treatment minimizing the risk of breaking the blade. This unique knife has an ergonomic high-friction grip, making it both comfortable and easy to work with.

TRIFLEX has an olive-colored hand grip, black trim and a black sheath. Triflex is harder and very resistant to breakage compared to a stainless steel blade. It is also easy to light a fire with a Triflex blade and a fire steel, the top of the blade is wide and flat for this reason.  The sheath comes with a flexible strap that can also be removed.

$37.50 each: 2080 Bushcraft Triflex Steel



Swedish Fire Steel Scout 2.0 from Light My Fire®.

From your back yard to the back woods, this reliable, light and durable fire steel is sure to be a favorite.

  • Durable - last approximately 3,000 strikes
  • Stainless steel striker and ergonomic handles
  • Built-in emergency whistle
  • Compact and lightweight - lights campfires, stoves, gas BBQs
  • Produces a 3,000°C (5,400°F) spark.
  • Bright spark, can be used as emergency symbol
  • Works when wet!

$14.95 each: Scout 2.0 Fire Steel

Quantity: Fire Steel 
The Companion - High Friction Soft Grip Hunter Safety Orange Knife
A new generation of knives from Mora of Sweden has handles covered with a layer of thermoplastic rubber for superior grip as well as a new modern shape.  The bright orange trimmed "hunter safety" knife (Model #860F) comes with a flame orange sheath.  The plastic sheath has both belt and button clip and a bottom drain hole.  This is an impressive knife for the price!

Model Mora Companion 860F has our traditional high quality 4" stainless steel blade (HRC 57) which give these knives extreme strength, long life and high resistance to moisture.

Blade length 4" (100mm)


Companion 860F Just $17.75 each

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